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In 1999, a web developer went to work for a company he shouldn't have. He promptly escaped from the maximum dullness center to the Dutch underground. Today, still wanted by his clients, he survives as a coder for fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help and if you can find him. Maybe you can hire the AI-Team.

TL;DR: I offer web development and cloud hosting services.

Okay, I'm mixing up some stuff here but I do it to make sure you understand that I like to have a bit of fun in my work. The number one requirement I have for the people I work with is enjoyment and a positive work relation. If not, hasta la vista baby!

That said, I do enjoy some hard work. So maybe, if you can find me, you can hire me. The deal is simple: I do the work and you pay me for every single hour of the time I spend on the work I do for you until you are satisfied with the solution.

What you get is the benefit of my investment of 24 years in web development and hosting. From the web server up to the rendered website on your preferred devices. Learn more about what the AI-Team can do.

And yes, I work with AI, as a team. So, it's the AI-Team, okay?

Hire the AI-Team

Also, there is an I in AI-Team, that's me, Daan.
As in the Dan in Danalog, because I'm analog.
Get it?